Why This Doctor Rocks An Undercut Hairstyle

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What? A doctor with an undercut hairstyle?

When did health professionals start doing that?

Crowd mentality dominates the world today. People enjoy liking what other people like. If I see an amazing dress or pair of earrings worn by someone who I admire with thousands of likes and comments, in theory, am first in line to try it. I say in theory because sometimes the more notable the wearer, the more expensive the article.

I have student loans that won’t let me be great.

Crowd mentality is a natural part of humanity. In many ways, people seek to be “normal.” But we all have an individuality that makes us feel special too. All of my life I have enjoyed breaking just enough of the mold to be different. Well, maybe not ALL OF MY LIFE. It really started in college at Xavier University of Louisiana. (XU Rocks the house).

Moving from Chicago to the humidity of New Orleans, I made a life-changing decision to cut off my permed hair and go natural. My first roommate was a young woman who marched to the beat of her own drum. She colored her natural fro regularly and taught me how to do the same. Now these were the days before Facebook was popular on the scene, but trust me when I tell you that my hair style and color choices turned heads every which-a-way. I went pink, blonde, even green at one point. Am I lying, Charmel?

Fast-forward to gaining admission to medical school at Northwestern University.

I made the decision to tone down my colored fro and transition to a loc style with more flexibility and less flare. In residency, color changes re-emerged, but to a lesser degree than my novice beginnings.

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