ZDoggMD set the tone for “Turntable Health.”

I, Dr. Every Woman, want to be a contender.

It all started when I was on my way home from a 12-hour overnight call one morning. I was so excited to be coming home, I posted a video on Facebook of myself singing the DruHill classic, 5 Steps.

Now I am not a singer, or a rapper. I’m a doctor. I have, however, always had a song for just about every occasion. I vividly remember being a child and rewriting commercial jingles to “better” and often funnier lyrics. When my friends and family for some reason mistook my voice for a good one (smh) I decided to bring my gift of parody to the people. This rendition of SWV’s Weak was one of my first viral videos, reaching over 6,000 views on Facebook. That’s a big deal for someone who never had more than 100 likes.

But why stop there? Why be a doctor who raps too? After all, I have more bars than just the granola I give my kids on occasion. Chance the Pap-per was born, followed shortly thereafter by Cardi-Me.

But what is the point of it all? Well, part of my goal is to reach people on a different level with relevant health information. Like my remake of the ’90s classic My Boo, which warns of the consequences of relying on the pull-out method for birth control:

One day I hope to use my influence and platform to increase awareness for the crippling effects of student loans. I would like to start a foundation, which I will call Robyn Hood the Philanthro-pissed. Robyn Hood will donate money to pay down student loan principles for people who demonstrate desire to help communities less fortunate than their own. If our finances were liberated from the weight of student loans, and especially the interest that accumulates over time, I believe we could change the trajectory of our families and communities in a more meaningful way. It’s just a dream at this stage, but dreams do often become reality.

Thanks for visiting Dr. Every Woman. I ask you to browse around, check out my other pages and posts, peruse and subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on social media. Every follow counts and helps me advance this platform.

And ZDoggMD, if you ever read this, get at me. I think we have a dope collaboration in our future!

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