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Dr. Wendy WTTW Interview

My First Time On Television

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WVON Interview on Soundcloud

On WVON with Art “Chat Daddy” Sims

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The Fink Tank Refinery29

The Fink Tank on Refinery29

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SiriusXM Radio The Karen Hunter Show

I Got To Be On SiriusXM Radio!

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And introducing See1Be1, a video series aimed at showing youth and young adults people in a variety of professions. I would like to thank Karen Hunter and the 8th graders of Howe Elementary, Class of 2018 for sparking this movement. Click here to learn more.



Check out my YouTube Channel and Podcast below. We’re changing lives there too…


All of the videos and more... (actually, not more, just videos)

All of the videos and more… (actually, not more, just videos)



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