What If God Were One of Us?

I immediately think of the song from Austin Powers, but that catchy ditty is not what I am talking about. God, to me, is not just some celestial being that I pray to or reference in jest. I have developed a relationship with Him that is not perfect, but helps me day-to-day to live a better life. Do you want to get more from your relationship with God? Read on…

My biological father growing up was strict but generous. He was that kind of dad that wouldn’t accept disrespect or disobedience of any kind, but also got us whatever we wanted and rewarded us generously for being “good kids”. With every report card, my brother and I looked forward to racking up. We were paid generously for every A, modestly for every B, and “goose egg” for anything C or less, which never happened (at least I don’t think it happened, I sometimes have selective memory). I liked money. I wouldn’t have even thought to ask my dad for money if I brought home anything other than a stellar report card. I wouldn’t have even wanted him to see it.

Dad and son, father and sonMany of us reference God as our Heavenly Father. My question for myself is, do I treat Him like my daddy down here on earth? When I pray for blessings and protection, am I asking for those things while ignoring what he has asked me to do? Imagine a teenager asking dad to borrow the car, but knowing that she hasn’t taken the trash out, washed the dishes, or done her homework. Would her dad cheerfully say, “Sure sweety, whatever you want.” Not Bill Goodall (my dad). But we ask God for whatever we want. We pray for money, things, relationships, etc, and meanwhile we curse people out who cut us off in traffic, we do any and everything sexually with people who we know shouldn’t, and we spend our money on things we don’t need while ignoring those in need. Don’t worry, I’m checking myself right now too, f.y.i.

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