I still remember that the first movie sex scene I ever saw was when Terri’s husband bumped and grinded his cousin-in-law up against a wall in Soul Food. This was such pivotal scene that almost got Miles from Fake After Seven killed! It also felt so “hard-core” to me back then. I mean, I was born and RAISED in the church. Who knew that exactly 20 years later Lawrence and Tasha would be doing a butt-naked side bang and it would be just a regular day?

Some of you are shocked that I, little sweet Wendy, am writing an article about sex. Others are wondering how I made it 8 months in this blog as a blunt and real gynecologist without yet writing an article about sex. Well, Issa Rae Diop, I have you to thank. I have now seen the Season 2 Insecure Premiere about 6 times because it is so complex and layered and I want to catch every message and innuendo. I also love being put-on, or Woke to music. HBO’s Insecure is solely responsible for my underground-ish music exposure. I’m V103 all day so SZA is new to me. #betterlatethannever

The point is, sex is a topic rarely pontificated in any scientific way in the mainstream. I recently had a woman in her late 30’s ask me, as I had my hand on the doorknob on my way out the exam room (a clear marker for the conclusion of our visit), about how she could remedy the fact that she had never had an orgasm. She went on to ask where her G-spot was because her Internal Medicine doctor told her that I could show it to her. Needless to say, I sat back down.

Read the rest of this juicy post over at The Gyneco-(b)Logic.

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