I have at present gotten through one episode of the Netflix, Spike Lee Joint, She’s Gotta Have It. Spike Lee is an interesting man. His delivery of messages and points are very in-your-face. Subtle innuendos are not his strong suit. To each his own, I guess.

To each HIS OWN.

Hmm, that is an interesting statement in light of the present state of the media with regards to sexual misconduct and assault. #MeToo is a proclamation made by countless women and men that indicates a history of sexual discrimination, assault, and abuse.

Which brings me to my title and my point.

Spike had my mind racing with topics to discuss, just in that first episode. The scene that I woke up thinking about though was the scene where ** SPOILER ALERT ** the main character was leaving her friends house and the man grabbed her. First, he catcalled her in the most disrespectful way, and as she continued to walk away from him, he grabbed her, she fought him off and ran as he yelled obscenities.

So many things arose in me in that moment. For one, I sometimes think that I too am invincible and do a lot of things by myself, including shopping, and, more often, going to the hospital to deliver babies in the middle of the night. My Chicago bad-assness and constant shoulder-look-overness probably wouldn’t protect me if someone with bad intentions really tried to assault me.

Even MORE, though, was how she fought the man off. She flailed and swung her hands frantically at him until he let her go. I thought two things as I was watching:

  1. She fights the way I would fight- TERRIBLY
  2. That man had at least 40 lbs on her. If he wanted to assault her, that little fight wouldn’t have stopped him.

#NotMeToo #NeverAgain

A while ago (October 17th to be exact) I posted this question on social media:

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