Dr. Wendy In The Interwebs: A Compilation

I love it when Luvvie Ajayi says The Interwebs.

While she is not the only person to ever use the term, I think that I have only ever heard HER say it. I also like the term because in my soon-to-be 37 years on this earth (#birthdaymonth), I have seen the norm go from the Dewey Decimal System in the library, literally doing research for school in “the stacks”, to the world wide web, to the plain ‘ole internet. Continue reading “Dr. Wendy In The Interwebs: A Compilation”

A Rose Is Still A Rose: But what do you call a Vagina?

I had the awesome fortune to meet Luvvie Ajaji and Franchesca Ramsey recently.

I was at a book signing event for Franchesca Ramsey’s new book, Well, That Escalated Quickly. It was such an amazing time because, within the event, Luvvie interviewed Franchesca. They talked about the book and Franchesca’s journey as an “accidental activist.” I highly recommend her book, by the way. (And Luvvie’s book, I’m Judging You. Both are very much worth the read.) Continue reading “A Rose Is Still A Rose: But what do you call a Vagina?”

I worried about not being a good mom. Now I give zero fudges!

Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald

New motherhood is my life. As an Obstetrician, I see mothers and fathers in their first dear-in-headlights moments of parenthood. Worrying about your children is every parent’s right and it starts in the womb. Am I eating enough? Am I drinking enough? Am I reaching too high? Am I bending too low? Will the baby be healthy? Continue reading “I worried about not being a good mom. Now I give zero fudges!”

Vaginal Steaming: Yes or No? Maybe so…

Who am I to interfere with a bunch of women looking for a good time? After my WCIU appearance discussing steaming and my Instagram post about the matter, I have been asked to elaborate on my stance against steaming.

My research revealed a startling result. I am here to present my findings. Vaginal Steaming may not be all that bad…

In this article, I plan to do the following.

  1. Examine why people desire to steam their lady parts
  2. Discuss some of the evidence for and against
  3. Give some reasons that a woman may want to try vaginal steaming
  4. Offer ways to steam safely and avoid harm.

Continue reading “Vaginal Steaming: Yes or No? Maybe so…”

Why This Doctor Rocks An Undercut Hairstyle

What? A doctor with an undercut hairstyle?

When did health professionals start doing that?

Crowd mentality dominates the world today. People enjoy liking what other people like. If I see an amazing dress or pair of earrings worn by someone who I admire with thousands of likes and comments, in theory, am first in line to try it. I say in theory because sometimes the more notable the wearer, the more expensive the article. Continue reading “Why This Doctor Rocks An Undercut Hairstyle”