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The Gyneco-(b)Logic

Where Women's Health and Real Life Intersect.

We are board certified OBGYNs whose mission is to educate and empower women to make healthy choices. Women’s health is a lifestyle. We created this bLog to cover a variety of topics including pregnancy, vaginal itching or discharge, cancer, abnormal paps, and the list goes on…  Laughing about vaginas from time to time is bonus!

The Doc's Kitchen

The blog by my amazing husband, Dr. Ed McDonald, which highlights healthy eating for everyday people. 

From mouthwatering recipes to healthy advice including weight loss tips, this doctor and chef blows the lid off of nutrition misconceptions holistically.

The Love Below

Love and Relationships from Dr. Every Woman herself. Nothing is off limits. Articles fall into four different categories.

Every Mind
Every Body
Every Soul
Every Relationship